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SRC Candidate Interview | Elias Zigah

Name: Elias Zigah Position: Postgraduate Rep Course: MSC Energy Studies, Oil and Gas (School of Social Sciences) Why are you running for this position? I was the Associate President at my former University back home in Ghana, and have lots of experience with student...

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SRC Candidate Interview | Stuart Murphy

Who are you? I’m Stuart Murphy, a third year Geo-Politics student. What position are you running for? I’m running for the DUSA Housing Rep for the SRC. For people that don't know, what does that role do? The Housing Rep is there to assist students with the problems...

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SRC Candidate Interview | Kieran Bisset

What’s your name and who are you? My name is Kieran Bisset, I’m a fourth year History student and I’m running for General Representative on the SRC. What is the General Representative? The General Representative is different from the other Reps in that they represent...

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SRC Candidate Interview | Calum Murray

Can you introduce yourself? My name is Callum Murray, I’m a third year Politics student and I’m going for the SRC Housing Rep. How’s the campaigning so far? It’s been good, painful. I hurt my back on Sunday so I haven’t got as much done as I would have liked. Is there...

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