Why become a DUSA Media Manager?


Student media is a central part of the student movement. It provides fantastic opportunities for students to gain new experiences and develop their skills. It acts to keep students informed and entertained, and provides key information, regardless of the media format or platform, about what is happening on their campus, at their university, locally or in the student movement at home and abroad.

Applications close 15/04/2018 at 5pm.


From video-editing to copy writing learn necessary digital media skills as well as how to manage.


Lead the University, DUSA and students on creative projects. Find invaluable internships.


Stand out from the crowd and follow the path of other managers who now work with BBC, Vice and other media outlets.

Positions Available


Magdalen Magazine

Overall head of the Magdalen magazine, the longest running media outlet. Working in tandem with the Creative Director and their respective teams, they proof, edit, commission, write and design the only student’s magazine in Dundee. By applying for this role, you will be beginning to learn key journalist, management and organisational skills.

Tay Productions

Tay Production’s manager leads a dynamic and fast paced team, covering campus events as well as their own creative projects. From documentaries to award-winning shorts (NaSTA 2014), the TV Manager will learn how to encourage their members whilst leading on professional quality production. This role is perfect for anyone with a passion for videography.


Editor and director of dusamedia.com, the Online Manager deals with a fluid and constantly changing media platform. As well as hosting the other outlets’ content, they work with their own team to bring time-sensitive views to campus. If you apply for this you can expect to learn a lot about multimedia, proofing and rapid deadlines.


Radio station manager for Dundee’s 24/7 digital radio station, they assist student producers, lead the infamous annual ‘Radio Marathon’ which was 55 hours continuous broadcast in 2016 for charity and organise weekly schedules. By applying for this role, you will come to learn the processes and thrills of expert sound production.

Media Manager Applications Close In...